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Easter Progress

Easter weekend was incredibly busy for me.  I had a charity event to go to on Friday night, and on Saturday night I went to see a friends band play… both night I didn’t get home until after 3am, so needless to say, my husband did not stretch me either night.  so I was a little it apprehensive about him doing it last night.

I laid in bed, did my breathing exercises, did my kegals, got out the special order lube (I will post a link to it, bc it is the only thing I have found that works without burning)  I was mentally prepared for the battle last night, but to my surprise, it went well.  So well in fact that I was able to use the 2nd to largest dilator with no pain (not a little pain, not pain that went away… I mean NO pain)  I was so shocked because he didn’t stretch me in just about 72 hours, and I was sure it was going to set us back.

I probably could have moved up to the largest dilator last night, but I didn’t want to do too much to soon.  If everything goes as well tonight, I am going to try and use the largest… I hope that by the end of the week things will be back on track!

Here is the lube that I use.  It is glycerin free, and therefore it does not burn (I have NEVER found a product that didn’t at least bur a little bit, until my therapist told me about this stuff!  They make this in several sizes and even in a gel form, but this is what I use