Trick or Treat?

I got married on Halloween. One of my favorite movies, The Crow (2nd only to Labyrinth) has a line where the officer asks “Who the – – – – gets married on Halloween anyhow?” to which the answer is “Nobody.”   Whenever he asked that question, I would always tell my husband “I do. That’s when I want to get married.”

Our 2 year wedding anniversary was coming up. We decided to go down to Savannah and spend the weekend. Neither of us mentioned the possibility of intercourse, I think we didn’t want to jinx it.

We got to the hotel, went to dinner, and had drinks.  I drank a little bit more than usual, because I knew that we were going to TRY and I wanted to be relaxed.  We went back to our room and continued to work on PT, after all, I still needed that! At first we didn’t think it was going to happen, I was just so nervous… so we tried not to put so much emphasis on the actual act itself, instead we just enjoyed being with each other.

Eventually, things took their natural course. After exactly 2 years of being married, my husband and I were finally able to successfully have intercourse.  A huge weight has just been lifted off our entire relationship.


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