I eventually stopped going to PT. My husband and I were doing everything at home that Dr. W was doing in the office.  Of course life gets in the way.  Anytime any progress is made, something happens.  With vaginismus, I am super prone to UTIs and infections… so it seems like any time we have intercourse, or things start looking up… something will happen that will put things on hold.

I will get sick, I will get an infection, my husband will have a big project coming up…. just life2 and the same thing happens that happened with the dilators.  If I do not use them every single day, if we don’t do stretching and exercises, then we go right back to square one.


Right now (4/5/12) we have not had intercourse since 2/14/12.  2 months seems like a long time, but when I think back and remember that it took 2 years… I try not to get down about it.  I am still working with my dilators, although I am not back up to Billy yet, and my husband has to stretch me every night or at least every other night.  Progress is being made again, and I feel like we will probably be able to have pain free sex again by the end of the month if we stay on course with the therapy.

2 thoughts on “Struggles

  1. I’ve known you since high school, and never realized you were dealing with this. I just wanted to take a moment and say that my respect for you and your husband has went through the roof.( which is saying something because of all your work with the modified dolls, I already respected you all. Thanks for all you do, and always keep your heads up because you make a difference in this world no matter how one looks upon you.

    • Haha, I didnt realize I kind of made that last line negative. I meant that you all have a very positive impact in this world.

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